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heather fallion

PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 5:51 pm  Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my standard build for my monk.

Healing prayers 11 plus modified 1 = 12
Smiting Prayers 10
Protection Prayers 6
Divine favor 8 plus Modified 1 =9

Sometimes Protection = 0, but I get tired of switching back so i kinda of leave it as is for default
I do not have enough pts to raise any of the others so i just put into protection.

Bane signet
Healing whisper
word of healing (elite)
Orsion of healing
Heal party
Signet of devotion

This standard build has gotten me though a lot of missions and quests.
I used to carry heal other instead of healing whisper. Healing whisper has half the normal range but i like the recharge on it better than heal other.

I've tried strictly being a healer and it does not work for me.
It all boils down to what is comforable for you.

If I want to skill capture, I will drop healing whisper or smite. If I know I need a different spell those are the two that I change.

My best advice is to go out and explore with your build. You will find what fits you and what is best for the quests or missions.

The other thing that I do is use only minor runes. I figure as a monk I need all the hit points I can get. LOL

With all the lagging and such, I've learned to double click or double tap on allies. That means I cast two spells to heal them.

You have to learn to manage your energy levels as well and to anticipate when more than two of your allies might be in trouble.

My secondary at this time is Necromancer, but I really do not use my secondary, I've yet to come up with a build for that which I am comfortable with.

My other piece of advice is no more than two warriors in a party, even if there are two monks. You might be able to handle three, with a second monk, but I found out that you spend a lot of time healing and running out of energy with three warriors even with a second monk.

Now if you go with your guildies, three warriors are not a problem.
Very Happy Neither are the two necros as long as you have an rt or secondary monk with you. The secondary monk can be a henchie that is protection.

Ok that's about it.
Good Luck .

Ps Order of healing if low on energy and a sacrifice has to be made
pets of course are last

Warriors are first to heal. Warriors die Monks make great bait and pounding material.

Necros that are mm are next. Necro dies have miniions that like to eat Monks.

Everyone Else is next .

The exception to this rule is your fellow monk or rt. They go above warriors. Anyone that is a secondary monk that can rez is another option. That is important if only one monk.

I hope this helps.

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