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Maitresse Maia Steeleater

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:36 pm  Reply with quoteBack to top

Just so you all are aware...some big updates today Smile~~Maia

Party Search
The new Party Search panel allows you to advertise when you’re looking for a group to join, and to search for other players and parties to join you. With the Party Search panel, you can join up with other players even when they are in a different district from you.
In any town or outpost, press ‘P’ to bring up the new Party Search panel.
If you’re the leader of your party, or if you’re not in a party (all solo players are treated as parties of one), you can use the “Seek Party” checkbox to add your group to the list of available players and parties, and to advertise what you’re looking for.
As a party leader, you can select another group and click “Join” to propose merging with that group. After clicking “Join”, you will see a question mark icon next to that group indicating that you are waiting for a response from them, and they will see an icon next to your group indicating that you have invited them.
If you receive an invitation from another group, you can select that group and click “Join” to accept the invitation, merging the two groups.
If you accept an invitation to join a group which is currently in a different district from you, your group will automatically travel to the other district. If you are alone, you will travel immediately upon clicking “Join”. If you have other people traveling with you, the game will provide a 10-second countdown and give each player the option of canceling.

Reconnect After Disconnect
While playing in a mission, explorable area, or PvP game, if your game client loses its connection to the Guild Wars game servers due to Internet connectivity issues, or if the game client or your computer crashes, you will have the opportunity to reconnect to the game servers and resume exactly where you left off, for a period of ten minutes after the disconnection.
During that ten minute period, your character will remain in the world. If your character was performing an action like attacking or spell-casting at the moment of disconnection, your character will complete the action. If your character was in a party, the other members of your party will be notified of the disconnection.
You must reconnect from the same computer that you were playing on when the connection was lost.

New Titles
The new Commander title track is available to players who compete in Hero Battles. Players receive one point toward the Commander title for each victory.
The new Gamer title track is available to players who compete in Snowball Fights and other holiday-themed games. During the Wintersday Festival, players who compete in Snowball Fights receive 10 points for each victory. Other holiday event games will be scored differently.

Other Updates
The Guild Wars Official In-Game Store now sells the 2006 edition of Guild Wars (original Prophecies campaign), which has been available at major retailers since its release in early 2006, and is called Game of the Year Edition in America and One Million Edition in Europe. The 2006 edition contains seven bonus items that were not part of the original Guild Wars box. Players who purchased Guild Wars (original Prophecies campaign) through the in-game store since its launch there in July will receive a free upgrade, and other players who own the original Guild Wars can choose to upgrade through the in-game store for a small fee.
Demo accounts can no longer trade or drop items, to reduce the use of demo accounts by commercial gold/item farmers.
Characters that come to Elona from a foreign land now get Heroes that start at level 15, and can play two new quests, Securing Champion's Dawn and A Land of Heroes.
Six additional quests have been added to Istan, and many existing quests have been updated.
Additional treasure chests are available throughout the continent of Elona.
The PvP Equipment Builder now allows the player to specify the dye color of weapons and off-hand items.
The Skill Bar in the Skills and Attributes panel now shows tooltips even if tooltips have been disabled for the primary Skill Bar.
The Quest Log panel now allocates more space to the list of quests when the list grows large.
Heroes’ Ascent now requires parties with a minimum of four human players.

Balance Changes
Lowered the attribute requirement on Shiro's Blade and Shiro's Sword from 15 to 13.
Lowered the armor on Peppermint and Gingerbread Shields from 10 to 8 to match the highest inherent armor found on random loot.
Lowered the armor on Hassin's Shell from 10 to 8, but added a Health bonus of 20.
Improved the skill selection of Herta, the Earth Henchman.
Reduced the Health of the Anguished Spirits present in the battle against Mallyx the Unyielding.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a skill exploit that allowed players to walk through closed gates.
Fixed a bug with hunt buffs that prevented them from giving double experience.
Fixed a bug that caused some Necromancer minions in Nightfall to behave sluggishly.
Fixed a bug that prevented the following bosses from dropping their unique items: Acolyte of Balthazar, Acolyte of Dwayna, Acolyte of Grenth, Acolyte of Lyssa, and Acolyte of Melandru.
Fixed the Hero Control panel so that if you disable a skill and then move it to a different position on the skill bar, the Hero will still remember not to use that skill in its new position.

He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality, and will never, therefore, make any progress.- Anwar Sadat
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